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Reston Spring
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WUSA9 reports DTP has submitted Phase 1 as "substantially complete" WITHOUT making all the needed fixes.

In a report it published at 6:31PM this evening, WUSA9 says that DTP has submitted Phase 1 of the Silver Line as "substantially complete."  It also reports that DTP and MWAA both know that it is not.  "The work is proceeding and everybody is satisfied that it will be completed when it needs to be," said (MWAA spokesperson David) Mould.

If "completed when it needs to be" is the criterion, then Phase 1 was "substantially complete" when it was first scheduled to be last September.  What kind of overlapping, dysfunctional, dis-organized engineering process is this?

You can't make this stuff up.  It is just part of the squeeze play that is being put on the MWAA project managers to (a) prevent DTP from having to pay penalties and (b) to meet the MWAA Board's desire that it not look like MWAA can't manage this project properly. 

Here is some more from their report:
RESTON, Va. (WUSA9) -- The Dulles Transit Partners led by Bechtel, submitted Phase I of the Silver Line to the Metropolitan Airports Authority for substantial approval. . .
Today, WUSA9 discovered not all the fixes are complete.
Station speakers that were found not be up to current code were rejected last month. But the speakers at the Wiehle-Reston Station have still not been replaced. Wires can be seen hanging out of the holes where two rejected speakers were pulled out. Metropolitan Airports Authority spokesman David Mould says, that's okay because DTP is working on replacing them. . .
 Mould says WMATA, which is Metro, will work to shorten that time, but Metro could also ask for more time to test if needed. Reston Supervisor and Metro board member Cathy Hudgins says there is too much involved to say the Silver Line would be ready to roll by July 4th, as has been reported. . . .
Click here to read more about the absurdities of this project management squeeze play. 

Then answer this question:  Are YOU ready to ride the Silver Line today?

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