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Thursday, April 24, 2014

UPDATED: Silver Line substantial completion???

UPDATE (10:37AM):  Here's is a new WAMU report on the Silver Line substantial completion:
The main contractor responsible for the first phase of the Silver Line has handed the project to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, signaling that the project is closer to completion and passenger service.
The first phase of the project had been delayed due to a number of problems, including faulty speakers and computer systems. Without fixes to these, MWAA had refused to take the project from the main contractor, Bechtel, the first step before Metro could take over and start passenger service.
WAMU's transportation reporter Martin Di Caro broke the story this morning, but warns that works still has to be done before Metro can start running full passenger service on the new line.
The report finishes with Martin DiCaro's series of tweets on the topic. 

DiCaro's tweets focus on a series of side deals enabling Silver Line construction acceptance and knowing full well that the Silver Line is not "substantially complete."  Even WMATA is involved.  Most needed repairs will be done in a month, but, as DiCaro says, "So if now you are asking when will #SilverLine open, the answer is I don't know. I am not in the guessing business, but summer is possible. . . However, considering all the work and testing that remains, it is irresponsible to throw dates out there, like July 4."

Talk about making a farce of an otherwise legitimate, and much needed, acceptance inspection process!


From Twitter:

BREAKING: An official with knowledge of negotiations says MWAA will accept Bechtel's submission of "substantial completion."
 We'll report more as Martin's report is corroborated.

This is not unexpected, but the acceptance has to have a number of strings attached because (a) the speaker and wiring system has not been replaced, (b) the RTUs won't be replaced for a year, and maybe more.

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