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Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Friday, April 11, 2014

The clearest, most accurate statement of progress and cost on the Silver Line yet.

The following is extracted from the Fairfax County Auditor's quarterly report for March 2014:

As we all know, Dulles Transit Partners submitted its work on Phase 1 for "substantial completion on April 9, 2014, the last day before it faced penalties of $25,000 per day for late delivery.  MWAA's project management team is now in the midst of the 15-day period it has to review DTP's work.  We're still not there.

The auditor's report also details the true costs of the Silver Line as they are known now in this graphic:


Please note that the projected cost of the full line is $6.0 billion.  MWAA frequently refers to the "project" as excluding the parking garages, a $5.7 billion budget.  And that doesn't count the $438,000 in interest payments for Phase 1 and whatever the interest charges will be on Phase 2.  Toll road users will pay more than half that total with state and federal contributions making up the rest, except the less than 5% that is MWAA's share. 

MWAA routinely refers to the $5.7 billion figure as "the project cost" because the cost for the garages in Phase 2 is proposed to be paid directly by the local counties.  The true cost is at least $6.5 billion plus interest costs on Phase 2. 

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