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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

CPR: Help Stop Fairfax County from Over-Development

Dear CPR members,

At a Fairfax Co. Planning Commission hearing on 7/15, a newly formed, county-wide citizen’s’ group, ACT 4 Fairfax, refuted obvious health and safety issues impacting new residential development in flight path of Dulles Airport.  Only a massive public outcry will stop this travesty. Let the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission know YOU are watching!
There is an issue in the Sully District that affects all of us county wide. It concerns me because it sets a precedent for ignoring environmental safeguards meant to protect citizens. The issue is that the county has not yet addressed (adopted) the 2019 Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA) Noise Contour Map, which has been sitting in the Board of Supervisor’s Land Use Committee since March 2019, nearly 17 months.   Instead the County is using a 27-year-old Noise Contour Map from 1993 to evaluate applications for development around Dulles Airport. 
The process of not using the most current, science-based, objective data to evaluate applications for large-scale development is disturbing and could easily happen in any district in Fairfax County.  Fairfax County needs to use the best available data when evaluating an application, in order to pursue development that is best for the residents of Fairfax County and the environment.
Please email Fairfax County and let them know that the most current scientific data should be used to evaluate all applications throughout Fairfax County and specifically that the Boulevards at Westfields, application RZ/FDP2019-SU-010, PCA 78-S-063-10, PCA 81-S-076, should be deferred until the 2019 MWAA Noise Contour Map is approved and can be used to evaluate the application.
You can email your concerns to the Clerk to the Planning Commission at  The Planning Commission hearing on this issue is scheduled for Wednesday, July 29th.  Please reference the above application number and state that you would like to have your email distributed to all the Planning Commissioners. Also, please email your concerns to the Clerk to the Board of Supervisors at and do the same thing.
Fairfax County needs to have meaningful processes in place to evaluate applications for development and these processes need to be based on the most current and reliable scientific data.
Tammi Petrine, Member
ACT 4 Fairfax
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