Reston Spring

Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Monday, May 27, 2019

CPR sends important issue questionnaire to all Hunter Mill District supervisor candidates.

Coalition for a Planned Reston Candidate Questionnaire

Please answer each question and, if desired, provide explanations in a brief statement following all of the questions and answers.

1.  The Fairfax County Planning Commission voted unanimously to reject a proposal to increase the population cap in Reston's Planned Residential Community (PRC) areas to a number greater than 13 persons per acre.  The Board of Supervisors then voted unanimously to "indefinitely defer" action on this proposal.  

            Do you agree with the Planning Commission that there should be no increase in the overall density of the PRC?    YES___    NO____

2.  The Reston Master Plan specifically supports there being two full sized (18 hole) golf courses in Reston.  Fairfax County guidelines also call for at least two golf courses in Reston.  

            Do you support maintaining a firm and unwavering line on maintaining existing zoning laws that will ensure Reston has adequate open space, specifically to include two 18-hole golf courses?    YES___    NO___

3.  The Fairfax County Master Plan specifically emphasizes the vital need for citizen input on land use issues.  

            Do you support having a balanced composition (local private citizens and local business persons) to any task force, working group or similar committee dealing with land use and development matters?   YES___ NO___

4.  In recent years a number of development applications have requested and been granted waivers to zoning and other regulations and guidelines meant to promote safety, accessibility, and the quality of life and esthetics of Reston. This has resulted in the loss of open space, crowded roadways, noise and light pollution and unaesthetic buildings.  

            Do you support the elimination of granting such waivers as a matter of common practice and requiring strict compliance with building and zoning ordinances to preserve the essential nature of Reston and the remainder of Fairfax County?     YES___   NO___

5. A position on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors is a demanding and time -consuming undertaking.

If you are elected to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will you resign from all other jobs and make the County Supervisor position your exclusive and full-time job?   YES___   NO___

6. One of the key concerns for residents of Reston and the Hunter Mill District more generally is the delay between the approval of developments and the availability of funding and implementation of planned infrastructure and schools to support the increased number of residents associated with the approved developments.

If you are elected to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will you support legislation by the Virginia General Assembly to authorize Fairfax County to more effectively maintain infrastructure in phase with development?   YES___   NO___

Candidate’s Statement (optional):