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Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Re-post from the Coalition for a Planned Reston website: You Spoke. We're Listening.

This is re-posted from the CPR website:

Thanks to the many CPR volunteers who responded to our survey of how we can best help you learn more about density and development issues in Reston and become even more engaged in the overall development process. Here are key highlights of what you told us:

In terms of what CPR volunteers would like to do,
  • 45% were interested in direct engagement by attending public meetings of Reston and Fairfax boards;
  • 38% want to help with communications to ensure neighbors are informed;
  • 31% are willing to help boost our message on social media;
  • 25% want to assist in researching specific development proposals or how other communities handle development; and
  • 10% have offered to help shape strategic communications and expand media contacts.
In terms of the specific information our volunteers most want to know more about (either through in-person workshops or video meetings), getting a deeper understanding of the development process, key decision makers, and key decision points topped the list.
  • A significant number also want to dive more deeply into the Reston Master Plan and specific development proposals, with several wanting to learn more about how to increase the community’s influence over development issues and more history about how Reston is handled by the county in terms of development decisions.
When asked what material would be most helpful for CPR to provide online, our volunteers asked for:
  • information about zoning in Reston;
  • the development process and how it works;
  • key development meetings at the local or county level;
  • a list of development projects that have already been approved;
  • the legal issues that may be at play:
  • how to preserve Hidden Creek Golf Course from development, and
  • how to get the county and developers to listen more closely to the community.
We asked what volunteers value most about Reston (multiple responses were allowed).
  • Topping the list was Reston’s commitment to sustainable ecology and preserving green spaces and natural resources (84%).
  • Tied for second (all at 75%) were its variety of neighborhood types; its unique balance of commercial, residential, and open spaces as a planned residential community (high density limited to Town Center and the Toll Road corridor); and its recreational amenities (trails, sports fields, pools, tennis courts, and park system).
  • Reston’s inclusive social structure for all economic, racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds was flagged by 61%, with easy access to Metro and the Silver Line coming in at 43%.
So, what comes next?

We’ll start posting materials online as soon as we can pull them together. First up will be a list of key zoning terms (PRC, TSA, PRM, etc.) and a flow chart of the development process, both of which are already in train. While some information is available online through various Fairfax and Reston websites, it can be dense and hard to parse, so many of you asked for shorter and simpler explanations of processes and core issues.

In addition, we’re planning to start holding video meetings in June to begin direct conversations with you all on how to become more engaged, to answer questions you may have and dive more deeply into the specific issues you’ve raised in this survey. More details on how to sign up for these will be posted on this website, on Facebook, and on The CPR Update (our newsletter).

Again, thank you all for the time you invested in completing this survey. All of us, as Reston residents, are committed to ensuring that Reston remains a great place to live, work, and play. Together we will achieve that goal.