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Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Sunday, April 6, 2014

WTOP exclusive: Silver Line on track to open by July 4, April 4, 2014

While no project management official from MWAA nor any executive of Bechtel or other builders in the DTP effort to build the SIlver Line have stepped up publicly, WTOP reporters Max Smith and Ari Ashe have found sources who say the Silver Line Phase 1 to Reston is likely to open by the July 4th holiday.  Here is how their report begins:
WASHINGTON -- The Silver Line could be up and running by July 4 after significant progress throughout the last few weeks, sources familiar with the project tell WTOP.
The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority continues to run tests on the tracks and the contractor building the Silver Line could get approval to turn the project over to Metro within the next two weeks.
Multiple sources tell WTOP that it's more likely that the Silver Line will be completed and certified before the end of the month than it being delayed into May. Once MWAA certifies the project as complete, it would turn over the project to Metro. Project Director Pat Nowakowski has told WTOP the time between certification and turnover to Metro would be quick.
Metro has said it could be up to 90 days after that before trains open for passengers, but Metro board members have told WTOP that Metro hopes to be able to open the line more quickly.
A source tells WTOP that Metro hopes to take only 60 days after getting control of the line, since they have been able to run extra tests during the project's long delay. . . .
 Click here to read the rest of their report. 

We'll see. We suspect that this is the earliest the rail line could be opened, but we certainly hope that, this time, the prediction is right. 

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