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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Could Silver Line Cause Tysons (..& Reston!) Parking Problems? NBC4, April 23, 2013

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By Adam Tuss
When the massive Metro Silver Line opens in Northern Virginia in just a matter of months, the vast network of parking lots in and around Tysons Corner could become the center of major controversy.
Here is the problem: there is no parking at the four new Metro stations being built in Tysons Corner. But there is plenty of available, free parking at nearby shopping centers like Tysons Corner Center and the Pike 7 Plaza.
Some are worried commuters will start leaving their cars in those parking lots and just hop on the train. Shopping center parking lots could effectively be turned into commuter parking lots. . .
Commuter cheaters are nothing new for the D.C. Region. Some drivers along the Dulles Toll Road try to get around the toll by using the Airport Access Road, even though they don't have airport business. Of course, there are the HOV lane cheaters.
And now, the commuter cheating could extend to the parking lots of Tysons.
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And so is anyone in the County government thinking about the impact of Metrorail on parking in commercial lots and residential neighborhoods in Reston by "commuter cheaters" rather than pay to park in the newly built parking garage?

We haven't heard a peep from County officials about the near-certain parking problems at Reston's end-of-the-line stationIts just Tysons, full time, all the time. 

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