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Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Continuing Lengthy Gaps in Proposed Reston Bus Service

UPDATE:  If you use or plan to use Reston's buses--or know someone who does--please make sure they comment on the proposed bus transit service at  For further information on the proposed changes, please visit the Fairfax Connector Silver Line bus service website and review its updated presentation and other materials on the proposed bus service.  Fairfax Connector listened to what Restonians had to say in the first round and we believe they will listen again--but do it soon, time is running out!

This table highlights the continuing gaps in Reston area bus service as it shifts from AM Rush--Mid-Day Service--PM Rush--Night schedules.


According to FCDOT staff, the time ranges for hours of service in the Connector’s proposals represent the beginning and end of service on each route, and the second time is when the last bus will be ‘off the road.’  If this is correct, the last trip necessarily would begin 15-30 minutes earlier, perhaps more depending upon the length of the route, so the gaps shown in this chart may be even greater than stated.
In South Reston, modified all-day Routes 551 and 585 will provide some stop-gap coverage (although Route 585 will have a 60-minute headway), but there is no similar alternative in North Reston between the end of rush-hour service and the beginning of mid-day and nighttime service (60- and 80-minute gaps, respectively).
Probably the best solution would be to add at least one additional rush hour trip on all the feeder routes (552, 553, 554 and 557) to fill the gaps. Fairfax Connector staff have indicated that they cannot add additional trips, however.  Their solution is to spread out the mid-day routes, but this would increase the already lengthy 40-minute headways on Routes 558 and 559.

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