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Reston Spring
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Friday, April 17, 2015

A Partial List of the Encumbrances on Further Development of the Tetra Property from RA's Appraisal

The following is extracted from pp. 8-9 of the February 4, 2015, appraisal of the Tetra property by The Robert Paul Jones Company, LLC.  We have highlighted some of the more critical restrictions that would most inhibit any development there.

Because of its proximity to Lake Newport, a portion of the subject is in close proximity to a dam spillway on the northeast portion of the site and wooden steps lead up from the subject’s parking lot to the dam embankment.  It is also our understanding that the subject is encumbered with a non-exclusive parking and driveway easement for the benefit of the Reston Association.  Other easements or encumbrances include the following:
  • A 23.0-foot ingress-egress easement passing through the parcel, including the two driveways servicing the property;
  • Walkways of various widths to the benefit of the Reston Association;
  • A VEPCO easement which crosses the eastern entrance;
  • A storm drain and slope easement located on the eastern entrance;
  • A 10.0-foot sanitary sewer easement which traverses the site in an east-west fashion;
  • An 8.0-inch water main located in the central portion of the property;
  • An “FX” Gas main located along the southwestern entrance road;
  • A 15.0-foot Fairfax County Water Authority (FCWA) easement which crosses the southwestern entrance which appears to coincide with a storm drain easement, with a second FCWA easement located in the western interior of the site;
  • A VEPCO easement which crosses the southwestern entrance drive;
  • A VEPCO easement which leads into the interior of the site; and
  • A 10.0-foot wide C & P easement which leads up the southwestern entrance into the interior
  • of the site.
Please refer to the Appendix of this report for a reduction copy of the “Property Plat” for the subject dated April 2003, prepared by Urban Engineering, Annandale, Virginia, for more detail as to the location of the easements.

It is also our understanding that the site contains surface parking for 97 parking spaces provided under the original site plan, including six parking spaces allocated to the Information Center, 22 parking spaces unassigned, and 69 additional spaces, according to a letter prepared by Mr. Mark Looney at Cooley Godward, LLC, in 2003 and as indicated on an “As Built Site Plan” prepared for the Reston Land Corporation dated December 2002, by Urban Engineering and Associates, Inc., sheet 5A of 15. The site has mature landscaping.  (Comment:  All the parking spaces described here are under the RA easement.  They cannot be altered without RA approval.)

The subject site is located in unshaded Zone X, a Low Flood Risk area, as shown on Flood Insurance Rate Map Panel Number 51059C0130E, revised as of September 17, 2010.  Please refer to the Appendix of this report for an internet-generated copy of the relevant  portion of the flood map for the subject. However, as shown on the “Property Plat”, prepared by Urban Engineering & Associates, Inc., 7712 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, Virginia 22203, dated September 2005, the subject is encumbered with a floodplain and storm drain easement.  The easement is shown in the northern and northwestern portion of the property.  Please refer to the Appendix of this report for a copy of the plat for more information.  (Comment:  These easements prevent any development that may impede the flow of flood waters around the Lake Newport dam, and preventing its collapse.)

According to Fairfax County Chesapeake Bay Resource Protection Area (CBRPA) maps, Lake Newport is shown as a Resource Protection Area (RPA) and the subject directly abuts, and extends into or over it.  Please refer to the Appendix of this report for a copy of the relevant portion of the CBRPA for more detail.   (Comment:  No development or redevelopment may occur in RPAs under the County's ordinance on them.  In fact, existing structures must be torn down and the area returned to their natural state when their useful life ends, according to the ordinance.)

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