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Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Friday, October 24, 2014

RA looking at possibility of annual assessments based on property values.

We know that most of you don't read RA News, RA's weekly e-mail newsletter.  Indeed, even though we receive it, we rarely look beyond the headlines.  And it took an alert Reston reader to bring to our attention this one-liner under the topic "Sustainability and Community Viability" on p.4 of the CEO's report in this week's newsletter identified as an RA Board goal :

"--Examine the Association’s flat rate assessment structure with an eye toward moving to one based on property values."
We don't know anymore than that, and it is likely the RA Board doesn't know much more than that.  Moreover, we haven't assessed the implications of such a move on our own, so we don't have a perspective on the topic at this time.  In general, of course, those Restonians with higher-valued properties--largely single-family homes--would pay higher annual dues than those with lower-valued homes.  Moreover, we have no idea how this would affect rental properties, including affordable housing units in the community. 

But you need to know and understand what your RA Board is considering.  

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