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Monday, July 14, 2014

The planned Silver Line opening is like a cheap melodrama....

Will the hero save the poor heroine tied to the railway tracks by the evil contractor before she is hit by an oncoming Silver Line train?

It's beginning to look like the hero (if there is one in this pathetic little melodrama) may have more time than we may have been led to believe if DTP/Bechtel doesn't pick up the pace of its repairs, replacements, and other needed work to get the Silver Line operating. 

In fact, while it is all getting rather tiresome, but here's the latest from RestonNow on DTP/Bechtel's slovenly effort:

Metro: Unfinished Work Remains as Silver Line Opening Day Looms

by Karen Goff | July 14, 2014 at 11:55 am | No Comments
 Metro SIlver Line Map/Credit: MetroMetro is still planning to open the Silver Line on July 26 even though work remains unfinished by Bechtel contractor Dulles Transit Partners.
Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said on Monday that several items DTP should have completed by now are not finished.
One area — the application of heat tape on the third rail — is to be done by the end of July according to the post-operational readiness agreement. Stessel says the heat tape work has not even started.
“It has been disappointing to us to see that the contractor has not been taking advantage of every available work window,” he said. “They could have done much more.”
Stessel said DTP has also not resolved water leaks at several stations. He said that the heat tape, which prevents freezing so it isn’t urgently needed in July, can be applied after opening. . . .
Click the headline to read the rest of this ongoing story of ineptitude and overspending.  

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