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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Future Reston Traffic along the Dulles Corridor, FCDOT Presentation, December 14, 2010

At last Tuesday evening's Reston Task Force meeting, the County's Department of Transportation (FCDOT) presented its forecast of traffic conditions in 2030 along the Dulles Corridor. A summary viewgraph in this presentation (Slide 5) shows that a dozen intersections between Hunter Mill and Fairfax County Parkway earn failing ("F") grades during peak hour service.

This single viewgraph captures the prospective levels of peak hour congestion in 2030at all the Dulles Corridor area intersections.  The presentation provided more details on Wiehle & Reston Parkway intersections.  Click on map for a larger view.

The FCDOT presentation shows that peak hour traffic delays will be much, much longer twenty years for now at Wiehle and Reston Parkway intersections at Sunrise Valley and Sunset Hills.  (The presentation didn't discuss the Fairfax County Parkway intersections with these two east-west streets, but the intersection with Sunrise Valley Drive is literally the worst for total peak period traffic and congestion.)   A quick look at the FCDOT forecast shows the following increases in delays:
  • Overall, we can expect peak hour traffic delays to more than double at the studied intersections (125%) over the next two years.  That means that the average peak hour delay at the specific intersections studied will go from just over one minute (68 seconds) to more than two and one-half minutes (153 seconds).   (Note:  The FCDOT analysis is based on MWCOG estimates of future traffic, and MWCOG estimates do NOT include the full impact of the intense development being proposed in the TOD areas around the Metro stations.  In short, traffic will be worse than estimated.)
  • Of the seven intersections FCDOT discussed in depth, six will earn "F" grades whereas only two have "F" grades now.  (Note:  There are other lanes and turns at these intersections that were not discussed, as well as not discussing Fairfax Parkway.)
FCDOT also presents both general and specific mitigation strategies for coping with the anticipated traffic increases.  The general strategies include such things as transportation demand management (TDM) (which generally means new policies encouraging commuters to use transit or walk/bike), optimal land use, and so on.  The specifics include Soapstone and Town Center Parkway extensions across the Dulles Corridor (to offer alternatives to the congested intersections), grade-separated crossings, add 3rd lane to Reston Parkway, etc.  None of these are new ideas and some are already in the County Comprehensive Plan (although unfunded).

I recommend that you take a look at the full presentation provided below. 

Reston Peak Traffic Conditions, 2030 Forecast, FC DOT, 12-14-2010                                                              

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