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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tysons Land Use Task Force White Paper (Draft), January 25, 2010

Over the last 45 years, Tysons Corner has developed from farmland to the 12th largest commercial business district in the United States, and now, it is poised to begin its greatest transformation ever. With the expectation of MetroRail within three years, Tysons Corner has potential to transform from a sprawling suburban office center into a vibrant urban center with a rich mix of uses.

Extraordinary consensus was reached within the Task Force among frequently competing interests on a vision for Tysons. There is an understanding and commitment to the concept that the vision holds together only as a whole and that its many projected benefits cannot be achieved without density and incentives for redevelopment.

The Tysons Task Force vision includes substantial increases in density, a doubling of jobs, a grid of streets, a mixed-use urban center with a five-fold increase in residents, housing for moderate income workers, aggressive energy and environmental
commitments, parks and open spaces, protection for surrounding communities, and a shift from cars to a complete multi-modal transportation system friendly to pedestrians and to bicycles.

It will take the next several decades and beyond to fulfill Tysons’ potential, but decisions made in the months to come are critical. Now is the time to “get it right”.

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Draft Tysons Land Use TF White Paper--012510

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  1. 84 million to 113 million sq ft at Tysons with NO increase in automobile trips? This is a fever dream.


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