Reston Spring

Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

County Bibliography--Reston Master Plan Special Study

The following bibliography for the Reston Master Plan Special Study was made available to Task Force members on February 17, 2010.

Reston Master Plan Special Study

County Resources

Department of Planning and Zoning:

The Reston Master Plan Maps, UP5-Reston Community Planning Sector, and the Transit Station Areas in the Dulles Toll Road Corridor of the Comprehensive Plan

Go to:

Click on Area III, then click on “Upper Potomac”

• Go to Pages 3 & 4 for the …
“Major Objectives” of our planning district (UP5-Reston):
o Preserving stable residential areas
o Limiting commercial encroachment into residential neighborhoods
o Establishing a clearly defined “edge” between commercial & residential
o Encourage pedestrian access to retail areas
o Preserve significant heritage resources, etc.

• Go to Pages 20-69 for the …
“Reston-Herndon Suburban Center and Transit Areas:
o Concept for Future Development (page 20)
o Protecting Existing Low Density Residential Areas (page 21)
o Pedestrian / Bicycle Access in Transit Station Areas (page 23)
o Transit-Supportive Development & Redevelopment in the Dulles Corridor (page 25)
o Land Unit Recommendations (pages 27-63)
o Urban Design Guidelines for Transit Station Areas (pages 63-69)

• Go to Pages 117-123 for the Reston Master Plan Maps as amended in January 1989.

The Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) goals of the Comprehensive Plan

Go to:

Click on the “Policy Plan” then click on “Land Use” then go to pages 11 & 33-38

Planned Residential Community (PRC) Regulations of the Fairfax County Zoning Ordinance

Go to:

Click on #6 under Articles “Planned Development District Regulations,” and go to
Part 3, 6-300 “Planned Residential Community District” (pages 16-23 to 16-35)

Click on # 16 under Articles “Development Plans,” and go to Parts 2 & 3, 16-200 & 16-300 (pages 16-3 to 16-20)

For a copy of the original Master Plan of Reston (1962)
Go to:

Department of Transportation:

Reston Metro Access Group (RMAG) April 2008 report on the “Wiehle Avenue / Reston Parkway Station Access Management Plans”

Go to:

Park Authority:
Urban Park Standards


• COG 2050:

• Center for TOD website:

ULI Publications

• Dunphy, Robert et al (2003). “10 Principles for Successful TOD”

• Dunphy, Robert (2005). Developing Around Transit: Strategies and Solutions That Work. Urban Land Institute

• McAveay, Maureen. Developing Around Transit and Planning For Growth [Power Point Slides]. Retrieved from Fairfax County website:


• Cevero, Robert et al (2009). Are TODs Over-Parked? University of California Transportation Center Research Paper No. 882. Retrieved from University of California website:

• Zimmerman, Maria (2006). Taming Traffic Through TOD [Power Point Slides]. Retrieved from Reconnecting America website:

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