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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reston 2020 Draft Working Group Proposal, January 11, 2010

Enclosed below is the text of the proposal the Reston 2020 Committee will be putting before the Reston Master Plan Special Study Task Force at its meeting this evening. The proposal calls for the creation of six Work Groups to assist the task force by:
• Researching previous Fairfax and other jurisdiction studies relevant to the issues assigned to them by the Task Force
• Working with outside experts to obtain their views on their assigned issues
• Organizing field trips to inspect and better understand the areas affected by the planning
• Performing other tasks assigned by the Task Force through its chair.

The six proposed Work Groups are:
• Transportation
• Environment
• Parks, Recreation and Public Facilities
• Residential & Housing
• Urban Design and Livability
• Implementation and Phasing

The Work Groups will prepare brief written reports and presentations on what they learn and provide the Task Force with their views. The Work Groups will enable the Task Force to achieve a level of understanding of the issues and the community views on those issues that would be difficult to obtain with the limited time and resources available to the Task Force members and the supporting county staff.

Each Work Group plan describes the initial issues the group will address. The Work Groups are expected to view these issues from the perspective of the overall impact of the revised Reston Master plan, while concentrating on the specific geographic areas considered in each Phase of the Task Force.

UPDATE: To be clear, this proposal was written by a small group of volunteers within the Reston 2020 Committee based on contributions from many interested Restonians.

Reston 2020 Draft Work Group Plan Jan 11 2010[1]


  1. This is my third attempt to post the same comment. Sorry if it's posted more than once.

    In my opinion, this document is so professional in content and presentation, its authorship could be mistaken. Please say at the start and the end of the document that it was written by the Reston 2020 Committee, an official committee of the Reston Citizens Association ie volunteers.


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