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Reston Spring
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Anonymous Posting Now Allowed

Having received feedback that a number of readers are having trouble posting comments on the Reston2020 blog, I have changed the permission settings to allow fully open, even "anonymous" posts. Registering somewhere is no longer required.

This decision carries a risk that a small number of people will choose to abuse the opportunity by posting irrelevant or, worse, indecent comments. It happens routinely on blogs. We don't want those. We do want any contributions that advance the discussion, no matter what the point of view.

To reduce the risk of inappropriate comments, I will "moderate" the discussion. This means I will see the comments before they are posted. That may lead to a delay of as much as a few hours for which I apologize in advance. I assure you, however, I will NOT make any decisions based on the point of view, just whether the comment is relevant, constructive, and decent.

Again, I welcome full article contributions on the many matters surrounding Reston planning. Please send them to me at and I will post them with only the same constraints as on comments--relevant, constructive, and decent.

Please join the dialogue.

Terry Maynard
Blog Administrator

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  1. Oh joy! I never post if I have to log in so this is good.


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