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Monday, August 20, 2018

CPR/RA Letter to County Staff: The Road from Nowhere, August 17, 2018

August 17, 2018

Dear Tom (Biesiadny, Chief, FCDOT):

Trust all is well your way.  

In several of our recent meetings the "Road from Nowhere" has come up.  We have asked who decided to draw the road on a map buried in the appendix of the then draft Master Plan, why this wasn't presented to the community and justified before it was added, and how such a road could be proposed that impinges on designated open space.  We haven't yet gotten answers to any of these questions, but we have been told this is just a "conceptual" road and thus we shouldn't worry about it.

It would be helpful, however, to understand exactly what this "concept" would look like in reality.  If you or your staff could provide the following information it would be most appreciated.  

Is this conceived as a two lane or four lane road?  

What is the distance between the edges of either road, including curbs, gutters, set backs, bike paths and a sidewalk on at least one side?  

How will the road compensate for the large discrepancy between the level of the ground along the conceptual road and level of the road at American Dream Way?  

Who owns all the land the road will traverse?  

Why is the County unable to identify who drew the road on the map in the first place?  Is it common for the County to be unable to say how or why official documents are drafted and approved?  

An alternative to all of the above would be to simply remove the Road from Nowhere from all maps and planning documents.  Easier and better for everyone.  

Very best regards,  Dennis 

Dennis Hays
Parks, Open Space and Athletic Fields
Discussion Leader

Fred Selden, Chief, DPZ
Leslie Johnson, DC/DPZ, Zoning
Goldie Harrison, Hunter Mill District Supervisors Office

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