Reston Spring

Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Metro aims to cut trains on some lines, including the Silver Line to Reston.

Washington Post

Metro aims to cut trains on some lines

Trains would arrive less frequently under a new proposal from Metro. (Courtesy WMATA)
Metro is proposing adding more trains and reducing the wait times for riders on its crowded Blue Line, but at the expense of at least four other rail lines.
The proposed changes are expected to be presented Wednesday night at a meeting of its riders advisory group. They would still need to go through public hearings and approval by the board. If approved, the changes would go into place in December, according to Metro officials.
The changes are meant to ease crowding on the Blue Line.
Riders on the Blue Line would see trains every eight minutes in rush hour, up from the current 12 minutes. There would also be more trains on the Blue Line at peak times — roughly 56, up from the current 36.
That means trains on the Orange, Silver, Green and Yellow lines will see changes as well. There would be fewer trains on most of those lines. Trains would come every eight minutes, instead of every six minutes as they do now. . . .
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Oh, why not?

Dulles Toll Road users are only paying half of the $6 biillion cost to build the Silver Line, not to mention the $900 million the County is putting into building it, so if there are fewer trains, maybe more people will crowd on to the DTR--lowering future astronomical toll growth.  The line should last years longer if fewer trains run on it!  (OK, we're just kidding!) 

. . . but it is really hard to make this stuff up!  Who are these people???

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