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Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fairfax County DOT Presentation on Updated Fairfax Connector Bus Routes Linked to Silver Line Service

This presentation by the County's Department of Transportation (FCDOT) to the Board Transportation Committee--a committee of the whole--provides the department's updated recommendations for bus service linked to the opening of the Silver Line late this year.   It follows up on its earlier (April 2013) revised proposals recommending restoring service to the Pentagon and Crystal City on new Route 599 (replacing Routes 595 and 597, both previously slated for elimination), increasing service frequency (by reducing headways) on several Reston feeder routes to Wiehle Station, and adding new mid-day circulator routes to the station.  

In particular, this presentation also adjusts service hours on several Reston feeder routes, eliminating the long-time disparity between peak hours in North and South Reston.  It proposing reducing gaps between weekday peak feeder and proposed new off-peak circulator service identified by Reston 2020.
The presentation also selects five 'optional' services from the Connector’s April list.  These include restoring weekend service on Reston Route 505 (previously proposed for elimination), and adding new weekend service on existing Route 551 and proposed Routes 558-559 (new North and South Reston circulators).  Total cost for all the selected optional services would be $2 million, the amount Supervisor Hudgins requested be added to the Fairfax Connector budget.
The county’s target date for consideration of FCDOT’s recommendations by the Board of Supervisors is June 4, 2013.

Overall, FCDOT's presentation  includes virtually all the recommendations proposed by RCA in its report Building on Reston's Transit Tradition: Enhancing Bus Service with the Arrival of Metrorail.

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