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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Del. LeMunyon Informal Survey Results, January 2012

Yesterday we posted a commentary by Virginia Delegate Jim LeMunyon (R--67th District) in which he described the results of a survey he conducted last month on the Dulles Toll Road and other legislative issues.  Today we provide the survey results.

Del. LeMunyon. Legislative Survey Results 20121

Although the survey is not scientific, it reinforces a basic economic truth that buyers are sensitive to price changes.  In this case, the survey suggests that, among regular users of the toll road, about half will use the toll road less as a result of the $.25 toll increase applied last month.  Moreover, the survey results suggests that about half of the regular users will stop using the toll road regularly if tolls exceed $5.00 each way.  Although both of these percentages are probably somewhat overstated because people often do not do what they say they would do, it is likely that future increases in Dulles Toll Road tolls will cut use of the the toll road dramatically.

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