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Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Would this work in Reston's TOD areas?

London is experimenting with a novel "shared space" idea for cars, bikes, and pedestrians to share a seamless space along Exhibition Road--the road that leads to the site of London's 1851 Great Exhibition in Hyde Park.  As the article states:
According to The Guardian, after 18 months of renovation, London’s Exhibition Road has been overhauled from a traditional sidewalk-and-road arrangement into a continuous smooth surface to be shared by pedestrians, bikers and drivers alike. Gone are the crosswalks, lane markings, sidewalks and railings, leaving only a uniform expanse of crosshatched black-and-white granite running from South Kensington station to Hyde Park. So what is the rationale behind this madness?
For more details on this project, read the full article, and then ask yourself whether such an arrangement might work in Reston's TOD areas.

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