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Monday, May 9, 2011

Agenda: RA Board Administrative Committee Meeting, 7 PM, RA Headquarters, May 9, 2011

Tonight's RA Board Administrative Committee (BAC) meeting has several agenda items important to a broad cross-section of Restonians.

For your background, the BAC meeting is a precursor to the upcoming RA Board meeting.  The BAC meeting is used to discuss in some depth and hopefully resolve any issues concerning the RA Board's prospective position on motions to be made and approved at the upcoming Board meeting.  It is , in effect, the "real" RA Board meeting--away from the TV cameras and usually away from the public.  Nonetheless, the public has an opportunity to comment at these meetings, just like at the Board meetings.

The agenda and background documents provided below include discussion and action on at least three topics of broad interest to Restonians:
  • The public art program, which may or may not include art in natural areas, such as Sunrise Valley Wetlands Park (see pp. 8-40)
  • A $16 million set of bond proposals, including $7 million for an indoor pool and $3.8 million for an indoor tennis facility (pp. 41-43)
  • Dulles Metrorail issues affecting the community--an open discussion.
If you want to be heard--or at least understand--what the RA Board is planning, this evening is the time.  The meeting is at 7PM at RA headquarters.

BAC Packet for 050911

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