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Monday, February 7, 2011

RTF Steering Committee Checklist to Guide Discussions and Decisions

Upate#2 (2/8, 4PM):  Following is the text of an e-mail notifying RTF Steering Committee members that they will not be voting on any issues this evening:

Steering Committee,

You should have received an updated agenda in an email a few minutes ago. As there may have been some confusion in the community about when the next Steering Sub-Committee meeting would be and what items would be discussed, the agenda for tonight's meeting has been updated to indicate that the sub-committee will only be discussing and not voting on any elements of the draft checklist document.  In addition, the Steering Committee will be receiving and reviewing an updated discussion document regarding the community Vision and Planning Principles (also recently distributed).

 Update  (2/8, 11AM):  According to an e-mail I received this morning from the DPZ staff, the Steering Committee will not take a final vote on the "character" statements tonight, only a "sense" of the committee's views, in light of the late availability of the draft statements for public review and comment.  A final vote will be re-scheduled for next week's meeting. 

The enclosed document is the latest version of the RTF Steering Committee "checklist."  This document is being used by the committee to shape its discussions and decisions.  Nominally, it reflects the thinking of the four sub-committees represented on the Steering Committee; however, it is not clear that each statement accurately reflects the deliberations of these sub-committees--or Restonians' concerns.  

The committee will be voting on the language for the station area "character statements", captured on the first two pages of this document, at its February 8, 2011 meeting.  

Reston 2020 welcomes your comments and concerns about this checklist, which you may post here or send to Terry Maynard at 

Reston TF Steering Committee Checklist 02-8-2011 Version2--With Character Statements                                                              

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