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Reston Spring
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

RE-SCHEDULED!--Agenda: Reston 2020 Meeting, February 3, 2011

UPDATE 2:  The Reston 2020 meeting has been re-scheduled for February 3, 2011.  

UPDATETonight's meeting of the Reston 2020 Committee has been postponed until next week due to poor road conditions.  We will update this post with the details of time and place.  Thank you all for your patience.  Terry Maynard, Co-Chair, Reston 2020 Committee.

Reston 2020 Committee Meeting
7:30PM-9:30PM, February 3, 2011
Reston Community Center—Lake Anne

1.  Implementing the Comprehensive Plan (Dick Stillson—20 minutes)
Other than one briefing from a County staffer, the RTF has not begun to address the numerous implementation issues that go with creating a new Comprehensive Plan for Reston, especially financing and transportation. 

Action:  Reston 2020 seeks to create an Implementation Working Group to address the topic.  It will ultimately provide a report that discusses the issue and provides recommendations for Reston 2020 to endorse and forward to the Task Force.

For further background, see the following items:

2.  The RTF Steering Committee (Terry Maynard—20 minutes)
The RTF has created a steering committee (SC) that is supposed to coordinate the vision and several TOD area reports and format them in Comprehensive Plan language.  The SC has been extremely aggressive so far in editing the Vision Committee’s report in ways that may not suit Restonians’ interests.  It is not clear that the SC was given this mandate by the RTF.

Action:  Reston 2020 needs to decide how to respond to the work of the SC to help ensure that the resulting draft Plan properly reflects the needs of Restonians.

For further background, see the following items on the Reston 2020 blog:

3.  Town of Herndon Planning for Herndon-Monroe Station Area (Paul Damory—20 minutes)
The Town of Herndon is planning to develop a large area office complex north of the Herndon-Monroe station, shifting much of the burden for supporting that complex to the Reston side of the Dulles Corridor and ignoring basic principles for transit-oriented development. 

Action:  R2020 seeks to create a Working Group to address the this emerging situation and propose actions for Reston 2020 in dealing with Herndon and the RTF. 

For further background, see the following items on the Reston 2020 blog:

4.  Reston 2020 Planning and Work for RTF’s Phase II—Village Centers & Residential Areas (Tammi Petrine—20 minutes)
Reston 2020 is beginning the process for planning for Phase II of the RTF effort although the RTF has taken little action so far.   An update on current and planned activities.

Action:  What more should Reston 2020 be doing at this time?

5.  Fairway Apartments Redux (Tammi Petrine—10 minutes)
Preliminary information indicates JBG will be presenting a new proposal for re-developing Fairway Apartments at next month’s Reston P&Z meeting.  You may recall that JBG’s last proposal was all but rejected outright by the County planning staff as out of character for the neighborhood. 

Action:  This is an information discussion. 


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