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Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Saturday, August 28, 2010

RCA Resolution for the Desirability of a Broad Base, Independent Planning and Zoning Committee for Greater Resolution, August 23, 2010

Reston Citizens Association (RCA)
Resolution for the Desirability of a Broad Based, Independent
Planning and Zoning Committee
For Greater Reston

1. Whereas the Reston Planning & Zoning Committee (PandZ) has been a vital part of this community since its creation by Reston citizens in 1968; and

2. Whereas the PandZ was organized as part of this Reston Citizens Association, which is the only community organization representing all residents and businesses in Reston; and

3. Whereas the RCA was founded by citizens to protect our planned community’s founding principles; and

4. Whereas the PandZ was instituted to be the voice of the community in reviewing all new development proposals in order to assure their consistency with the founding principles before they went to Fairfax County for final decisions; and

5. Whereas, in 2004, the PandZ chose to become independent and now is a self-appointed group seeking to continue the tradition without attachment to an organization genuinely representing the community as a whole; and

6. Whereas, with the coming of Metrorail to Reston with significant new development to follow, the work of PandZ will once again become especially critical in shaping Reston’s future look; and

7. Whereas the RCA has observed with regret that many in the Reston community view PandZ as having lost its institutional legitimacy as the community’s voice;

Be It Resolved:

1. That RCA believes that the current arrangement of self-selection of committee members by PandZ is not satisfactory because it lacks broad community legitimacy; and

2. That PandZ should be directly sponsored by broadly representative community organizations that would ensure continuing and unbiased service to the community by assuring that PandZ is not placed in a position where it could be subjected to political pressure or by conflicting institutional objectives; and

3. That the PandZ should be sponsored by organizations that represent all residents & businesses within greater Reston who should be served by the PandZ; and

4. That the Reston Citizens Association is prepared to collaborate with the PandZ and other elements in the community to explore alternatives so that PandZ can function effectively in an institutional framework representative of all Reston residents and continue to be an independent voice for them in future development.

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