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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Debating Metro Development Density, Herndon Connection, June 14, 2011

Planning Commission examines density levels for Metro development north of Herndon Parkway.

By Alex McVeigh
The Herndon Planning Commission met Monday night, June 13, to decide if increasing the allowed density for the Metro development north of Herndon Parkway would make development financially feasible. As currently planned, the area just north of the proposed Herndon-Monroe Station is the densest, with Floor Area Ratios (FAR) scaling down farther away from the station.  .  .

. . . "The findings were that development would be feasible for properties that had a 4.5 FAR, it would not be feasible for most of the other properties," (Kay Robertson, senior project planner for the Town of Herndon) said. "Most of the properties in the study area that are south of Herndon Parkway would be incentivized to redevelop. The properties north of Herndon Parkway would not have incentive to redevelop."

As currently planned, the area north of the parkway is set for 2.5 FAR in the land immediately north of the parkway, before scaling back to a zone of 1.5 then 0.7 in the area closest to the residential neighborhoods. . . .
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