Reston Spring

Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Video: Inspired Ethonomics: Portland, a Global Model of Transit Oriented Development

Although Portland's TOD planning covers an entire metropolitan area, the principles of its development as described in this video suggest their applicability to the future of Reston.  

"Portland, Oregon, is consistently ranked as one of the country's most livable cities (and it was a Fast City in 2007). And it continues to show solid growth despite having the second lowest per capita transit spending of the 28 largest U.S. metropolitan areas. A system of trains, streetcars, buses, and aerial trams give the city one of the most diverse transportation portfolios in the world. In this episode of e2 , we find out how have city planners integrated transportation planning into their decision-making over the past 40 years?
Peter Calthorpe | Calthorpe Associates:  A formula for a transit-oriented development (TOD) is very simple. Its diversity: diversity in population and in land use. So you have a place where you have a range of housing opportunities. You don't ever want to say this is a place for one kind of person; lofts for young people, or condos for empty-nesters, or apartment buildings for seniors, or anything like that. You want it to be a complete ..."

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