Autumn on Lake Audobon

Autumn on Lake Audobon
Autumn on Lake Audubon, Photo by Alison Kamat

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Reston's Fairview Apartments might undergo redevelopment, Fairfax Times, April 22, 2011

Note:  The headline mis-names the Fairway Apartments complex.

Despite controversy, plan passes zoning committee with 10-to-1 vote
The Reston Planning and Zoning Committee approved the fifth incarnation of a major redevelopment proposal for Reston's Fairway Apartments on Monday.

The apartment complex, off North Shore Drive and across from Lake Anne Elementary School, currently is composed of 18 three-story buildings.

The complex's owners -- the JBG company -- have been proposing redevelopment of the site since 2009.

Previous versions of the planned proposal included as many as 951 total units -- including high-rise towers -- to replace the existing 348 apartments.  . .

. . . Although severely scaled back from its original concept, the project still has its detractors.

"The massive scale of this project is just not Reston-like," said Richard Newlon, a member of the Reston Design and Review Board, who was in the audience of the Planning and Zoning Committee meeting. "When density impacts livability, that's when you have a problem," he said, referring to the hundreds and possibly thousands of residents who would inhabit the 804-unit complex.

Other concerns voiced by committee audience members included traffic impacts and the lack of affordable housing in Reston. . . . 
For the rest of this article on the Fairway Apartments approval, click here

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