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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dulles Toll Road Users Claim Taxation Without Representation in Federal Lawsuit, Reston Patch, April 27, 2011

Suit against MWAA charges that the rising tolls are illegally being used to extend Metro. 

Two Northern Virginia activists have filed a class-action lawsuit against the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority charging taxation without representation for increasing tolls to pay for Metrorail to Dulles Airport.

Robert Cynkar, Christopher Kachouroff and Patrick McSweeney represent toll-road users John Corr of Great Falls and John Grigsby of Hillsboro, in Loudoun County.

Before MWAA took control of the Dulles Toll Road in 2008, Northern Virginia voters turned down a referendum to create a special tax to raise $350 million a year to pay for extending Metrorail to Dulles Airport.

The lawsuit states that the trouble started three years after voters turned down the referendum. In 2005 . . . .

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