Reston Spring

Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Thursday, January 24, 2013

More tolls coming your way?

Area Officials to Consider Road Pricing to Relieve Congestion

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Few would argue that traffic—really bad traffic—is one of the hallmarks of the greater D.C. area. It's the third-worst in the United States, in fact, according to one survey last year. But officials from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments will discuss potential remedies to the everlasting gridlock later today.
A report released this morning compiled by the council and researchers from the Brookings Institution analyzes the feasibility and public reception of three congestion pricing models that—if implemented—would replenish transportation funding and possibly make those morning commutes a little less nightmarish. And though the year-and-half-long study found some support for a few proposals, whether they would actually be successful in thinning traffic patterns is a bit murkier. . .
The article continues with an outline of the Brookings initiative, the options it studied, and the feedback it received.  Click here for the full DCist article by Benjamin R. Freed and a link to the Brookings report.  

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