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Reston Spring
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

An End to the Gas Tax? Freakonomics, January 24, 2013

Eric Morris at Freakonomics takes a look at Governor McDonnell's transportation plan in, "An End to the Gas Tax?" and finds it, well, "daft."  Here are his final thoughts on the proposal:

Bob McDonnell, have pity. Please retract this proposal and stay away from the other governors at the annual Governor’s Association cookout. Let’s follow in the path of that well-known leftie communist sympathizer Ronald Reagan, who saw the gas tax not as a tax but as a user’s fee and signed an increase into law. And please free me to focus my patience on tolerating other daft proposals like crisscrossing our cities with networks of subterranean toll tunnels—oh wait, that’s my daft proposal, and it might not be as daft as it seems. More on it in another post.
Click here to see how Morris walks through the weaknesses and even some of the strengths in the governor's proposal.  

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