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Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Interim Results of RCA Survey of Restonians' Concerns

The RCA survey of Restonians' concerns has generated 147 responses as of today (December 19, 2012).   Here is how the results break out so far: 

  • Development Issues are by far the most important concern of Restonians, collecting 42% of the first place ballots so far.
  • Not far behind are Transportation Issues which has garnered over half the first and second place priority ballots in the poll.
  • In a virtual statistical tie at third are Education Issues and Environmental Issues.
  • At the other end of the spectrum, Cultural Issues and RA Design/Covenants Issues are viewed as least important among those who have responded to the poll so far.  


We know some people have had issues in both accessing and using this Survey Monkey poll.  We have tried to address them both ourselves and through the technical assistance of the people at Survey Monkey, but our efforts have not been very successful.  For the time being, if you are having trouble responding to the survey, we suggest that you use a different browser and check to see if your security and privacy settings may be set too strictly to access or use the survey.

We thank all of you who have responded to the poll so far and very much appreciate the efforts of those who have tried but been unable to respond.  We will continue the survey through the holidays and follow-up with more detailed polling on the development and transportation issues at the minimum.

We would like to thank Reston Patch for its article on the survey that helped ensure that a large number of Restonians were aware of the ongoing survey.  

We also want to thank those who took the time to comment on the survey on the Reston 2020 blog.  While there was some criticism that the survey was too broad and unscientific (we had to start somewhere), there were also suggestions that the survey include the issue of the broader economic situation in northern Virginia and specific concerns about sign pollution.  We continue to welcome your comments on the survey.  

Thank you for helping us understand more systematically the issues that are important to Reston.  

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