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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Metro acknowledges breakdowns might be adding to a ridership decline, Washington Post, October 6, 2015

There is very little we can add to this report by Paul Duggan at the Washington Post.  Somehow Metrorail has disintegrated into an unsafe and unreliable rail transit system with declining ridership while, according to the financial briefing, simultaneously charging the second-highest peak fares in the land (second only to BART).  Here is how this article begins:
Metro, in an unusual acknowledgment, says breakdowns and other service failures appear to be contributing to a steady, years-long decline in ridership that is causing financial stress for the transit agency and could lead to fare increases.
The persistent drop in annual rail ridership since 2010 results not only from economic and lifestyle changes in the Washington region, according to a Metro budget report made public this week. The report cites “preliminary evidence” that “concern by customers over service quality and reliability” also is taking a toll on ridership.
The document — prepared as a revenue briefing to be presented to members of Metro’s governing board Thursday — includes an uncommonly candid recognition by the agency that subway performance woes have become so chronic that more and more commuters are abandoning the system, which has worsened Metro’s money problems. . . .
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