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Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Redevelopers of Reston’s Lake Anne propose replacing trees with parking, residents divided, Tom Jackman, WaPo, November 12, 2013

Tom Jackman, Washington Post local reporter, has picked up on the dispute over clearing an acre of mature trees to put in a parking lot at Lake Anne in a new post on his blog.  Here's how he starts:
A small controversy has arisen in the big plan to redevelop the area around Reston’s Lake Anne Village Center, which includes the razing of the Crescent apartment complex and replacing it with 935 townhouses and apartments. The developers, Republic Land Development, want a 1.1-acre piece of land along North Shore Drive to create parking, since the new project will eliminate the current surface parking lot. That piece of land is full of mature trees and a number of nearby residents are protesting. . . .
On the northeast side of the Lake Anne Village Center is an unoccupied 1.1-acre piece of land along North Shore Drive (in bright red) that developers say they need to build parking for the center’s redevelopment. Residents say they would hate to see the trees there go. (Reston Association)
Click here for the rest of Jackman's post, including links to posts by Karen Goff in RestonNow and Kevin Munroe who posted a piece in Reston Patch.  

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