Town Center in Winter

Town Center in Winter

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Comment on Possible Baron Cameron Recreation Center, Dick Rogers, February 20, 2013


  1. Great assessment. Two comments, first I believe the rec center that RCC is proposing would not include indoor tennis. I remember Leila Gordon saying they are not interested in tennis and that they plan to leave that to RA to build and pay for themselves. Also, what about the lot behind the YMCA. The YMCA has expressed interest in expanding and partnering with the park authority or RCC. RCC has stated that they are not interested in partnering with the YMCA. They have not explained their position. RCC have also stated in the past that they are not interested in locating a rec center at Lake Fairfax. Again they have not explained their position.

  2. Every couple of years this plan comes forward mostly driven by a tennis lobby and tennis people within RA that want covered and indoor tennis. I think it has been going on since the late 80s. They wrap other stuff around it, but the drivers seem to be tennis related. I really don't see where the demand is coming from? There are plenty of gyms for working out, schools for basketball, swims clubs, etc in this area we need a $50 Million dollar facility put on open land?

  3. One issue that is being over looked is the loss of field space. The football, soccer, softball, baseball fields at Baron Cameron will disappear if this proposed REC facility goes forward. No one has mentioned where these displaced users are going to go? The fields in the Reston area are already over crowded and in dire need of field improvements, both by fairfax county and RA. Multi-townships use these fields for their youth sport clubs, for instance, Great Falls Soccer, Reston Soccer Association, Cugini Soccer, Reston Football, Adult Softball leagues, Adult Soccer leagues, Summer camps, etc. etc., Not to mention the community garden and the only DOG PARK in the area. These will all be affected!

    With Mr. Bouie pushing this how can his role as the Fairfax County Parks Authority Chairman and on the Reston Community Center Board of Governors not be a conflict of interest?

    What about the self driving interest of the RCC officials pushing this proposal, do they all live in Reston or even Fairfax County or do they just work here? This is crazy to let non-Reston residents 'lead and plan' a multimillion dollar facility so they can reap the benefits and not worry about their taxes going up! Shame on them all for not thinking outside the box. You would have thought the Brown Chapel fiasco would have put this issue to rest a long time ago.

    1. Totally agree with this post. Cannot understand why this proposal is coming AGAIN after the community came out so strongly against it almost two years ago. I thought RA and RCC were supposed to represent the interests of its citizens. I cannot understand why RCC would put this up for discussion again. Why would RCC want to displace one set of users over another? Do they even know who the expected users of this facility are and where they are from? Yes, they are part of Reston Swim Team, but do they live in Reston? Who are they? The entire park is heavily used from morning till night. The county has confirmed that the demand for fields far outweighs the supply. So why are we removing them? Further, the number of users in the park makes the whole area friendly and safe. There are people outside in the park all the time. It is a model community park, open to all users. How can one small group of vocal users displace so many others, and how can RCC and RA allow that to happen. Where will these users go? What will happen if all these functions are moved inside? No more late-night ball games, no soccer tournaments, no people out and about keeping the area occupied and safe? Many of us are not opposed to the facility, but cannot imagine with all the concessions being granted to developers building along the silver line, why Reston could not negotiate a site or funding for a site that is not a beloved community park? This makes no sense. In my experience as a municipal worker, the only time that structurally sound parks are "re-purposed" is when they want to get rid of an "element" or "activity" in the park. Is that the point? That Reston is not keen on the "soccer element" and wants to "re-purpose" the field for "other users"? Think about who is being displaced - people who enjoy using the "public" park, being outside, not in a "fee for entry" facility. Who are the winners? Who are the losers in all this? Why are we dismantling a super successful community park? If more users are projected with the Silver line, then why are we taking public space away? Why not move this planned facility to another site and support both sets of users? None of this makes sense. This person above hit the nail on the head.


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