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Thursday, July 7, 2011

York: Loudoun, Fairfax Not MWAA's 'Cash Cows', Ashburn Patch, July 7, 2011

Board hears update on proposal from LaHood as airport board resists aerial route at Dulles. 

By Dusty Smith | Email the author
The Loudoun Board of Supervisors chose to ponder a proposal to reduce costs on the second phase of the Dulles rail project Wednesday after County Administrator Tim Hemstreet and County Chairman Scott K. York explained the proposal.

York  (I-At Large) said a hour-long meeting he attended the day before made it clear that the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority’s Board of Directors were no nearer compromising their support of an underground rail station at Dulles Airport, a key point of contention.

“I was a little taken a back that we were told by MWAA officials in this meetings that those of us who support an aerial station ought to be ashamed of ourselves and to remember that we are the richest per household income counties in the nation. And therefore there should be no problem building what they perceive as a world-class station at a world-class airport,” York said. “I’m just surprised that they just don’t get it.”
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