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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reston Town Center Minority Report, Joe Stowers, May 6, 2011

Comment:  At the risk of doing a dis-service to long-time resident and Task Force alternate Joe Stowers' excellent critique and recommendations concerning Reston Town Center development, his focus is on achieving a 1:1 balance of workers and employed residents within a half-mile of the Town Center Metrorail station.  To accomplish this goal in light of the extremely high worker:resident ratio there now, he recommends "the ratio of residential to
commercial gross square feet of all new development for the entire station area within
about one-half mile of the Town Center rail station plus Town Center North should be as
close as possible to 4:1."  Under the assumptions the Task Force is currently using about dwelling unit size and gross space per worker, this roughly translates into adding about 1.6 residents for every worker added.

06.06.2011 Town Center Minority Report Jstowers

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