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Reston Spring
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Merli: Airports Authority makes mess of Dulles Metro station project, INSIDENOVA.COM, May26, 2011

By Scott Lamar
When Forrest Gump uttered that im­mortal phrase, “Stupid is as stupid does,” he could have been talk­ing about the Metropolitan Washington Airports Au­thority.

In fact, it’s downright breathtaking how utterly baffling such a powerful body could be when it recently voted to spend an extra third of a billion dollars on an underground Metrorail station at Dulles.

This, despite the sentiments of virtually everyone else involved in the mammoth construction project at the county, state and federal levels — not to mention key Silver Line proponent Rep. Frank Wolf.

An aboveground Dulles station would serve the same purposes, and save tons of money and construc­tion time. Who doesn’t know that? That’s rather obvious to everyone except this silly authority, which is, sadly, charged with representing the region’s air-travel needs in such matters.

Curiously, the culprits in this instance are the non-elected officials who hold seats on the authority and who otherwise could have been conveniently drummed out of office in the next election. . . .
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