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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Opinion: Airport must pay its fair share of rail cost, Fairfax Times, May 27, 2011

The Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority's decision to build an underground Metrorail station at Dulles Airport is worthy of the "outrage" expressed by Fairfax and Loudoun counties and other Virginia officials.

For MWAA, this was self-serving because they are expecting the commuting public primarily through the Dulles Toll Road to pay the bulk of the extra $330 million.

It is important to note the main beneficiaries of the rail station at Dulles Airport are tourists, airport employees and business people who travel to the airport none of whom are paying tolls that are financing the project. Passengers traveling to Dulles Airport currently use the free airport access road.

If the airport really wants an underground station, there are many potential options for the airport to contribute: Charge fees for travelers at Dulles. . . .
Click here for the rest of this commentary by Michael Grant, Reston, VA.

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