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Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Saving Fairfax County Public Library Books

We received this notice overnight published by the Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Associations.

We ask member associations to re-transmit the information in the text box below to your members in August using your newsletters, e-mail news, or other communication method.  Your members can help save library books from early discard.

You, the Fairfax County Public Library patrons, have the opportunity to save library books from discard.  The Pohick Regional Library will close on Saturday, September 5, for renovation.  The books on the shelves at the time Pohick closes will be stored, transferred or discarded.   The Federation’s library committee advises that when a branch closes, the rate of discard is typically high.  Because the Fairfax County Public Library system has a floating collection (i.e., books may be returned to any branch where they generally stay), library patrons can “save” Pohick's books by checking them out from Pohick Regional Library and returning them to any other library branch, which should prevent their premature discard.

What most needs to be saved?  The most critical need is nonfiction (art books, architecture, literature, poetry, religion, philosophy, science, music, history, and children's nonfiction).

How much can be saved?  You can check out up to 50 total items at one time from the library. 

Please remember that the Reston Regional Library may be shut down for some significant amount of time in the not too distant future as a new library building is built.  We have the opportunity now to "play it forward"  to save Reston's public library books.

(Yes, we know it's a stupid public library policy, but we can all play the game too.)

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