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Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Silver Line at Wiehle to Have Planned WORST Service on Metrorail.

Dr. Gridlock writes about the new WMATA plan to change Metrorail scheduling to reduce congestion on the Blue Line.  He concludes his article with the following paragraph:
Under this (WMATA) proposal, Metro estimates, the number of cars in service on the Orange Line in the peak direction would drop from 78 to 64. The average number of passengers per car would rise from 91 to 111, tying the Orange with the Silver Line for most passengers per car, in the Metro estimate.
Of course, this doesn't consider the almost daily delays on Metrorail, many of them on the Silver Line.  So this is the BEST CASE SCENARIO.  A two-minute delay with this planned schedule would mean nearly 140 passengers on the train at Wiehle.  A five-minute delay would mean 175 passengers. 

For this service, Dulles Toll Road users are paying $3 billion (plus oodles of interest) for the Silver Line's construction and the taxpayers of Fairfax County are paying roughly another one billion dollars.  And that doesn't count other federal, state, and local contributions to the line's construction. 

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