Town Center in Winter

Town Center in Winter

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fairfax library cuts may mean more overtime for employees, Fairfax Times, March 26, 2015

 UPDATE (March 31, 2015):  Several leaders in the effort to stop "the decade-long trend of relentless cuts to our local library system" co-authored a letter to the Fairfax Times striving to clarify a few facts on the FCPL budget issue.  Their letter may be read here.


Some branches rely on volunteers to fill key gaps in service

Click here for the rest of this article on the Board of Supervisors' war on our public library system.


  1. Actually the cuts may mean less overtime for staff because the overtime comes from the allotted funding for those vacant positions. If they are abolished, 31% of the funding for overtime disappears. What that means it that it's very likely branches will have to close early due to ongoing staffing shortages if the positions are eliminated. Because of current vacancies, 90% of branches cannot keep open during their regular hours without using overtime.

    Then there's the whole issue of volunteers. What happens when your volunteer decides to take a personal day with a friend, or has company from out of town, or gets the flu, or decides he/she would rather go shopping. You know what happens? The library won't be open. Is this how Fairfax County operates its essential services? What's next? Volunteer teachers? Firemen? Police? Time is running out. Write your county supervisor or the next time you need to go to the library, it may not be open. Tell them the library needs to be fully funded.

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