Reston Spring

Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Rescue Reston: Stop Pottersville on Reston National Golf Course

A secret developer, cloaked by an attorney, is attempting to turn our planned community into It's a Wonderful Life's "Pottersville." On January 21 the attorney for Northwestern Mutual will ask the BZA to overturn our County Zoning Administrator's determination that the 166 acres of Reston National Golf Course is zoned as permanent recreational open space.

  • The most important action item is to attend the BZA hearing January 21, wearing bright yellow/green Rescue Reston shirts and carrying the 12x12 Rescue Reston signs.
    • Ordering information for t-shirts and signs available soon!
    • Watch your in-box for an eventbrite invitation. Responding to this will help us coordinate & communicate to those specifically planning to attend the hearing.

  • Write a letter or email the Board of Zoning Appeals.

  • Spread the news. Print this flyer and share with neighbors/co-workers - post on bulletin boards.

  • Volunteer to help move large signs
    • Signs will be popping up around south Reston soon to remind neighbors about this crisis.Reply to this email if you are available daytime to help move them.

  • Mark your calendars also for a rally on January 10 - time & place to be announced.
  • Share our story on social media - Reston's Open Space crisis and what you can do:
More updates coming weekly as we count down to the BZA Hearing. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for breaking news.

Connie Hartke & the Rescue Reston Team

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