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Reston Spring
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

County forcing closure of part of Sherwood Regional Library

To:   Friends Groups at Fairfax County libraries
From:  Friends of Sherwood Regional Library
Re: Sherwood Regional Library, second floor changes

We have just been informed of a proposed action at the Sherwood Regional Library that will adversely affect the community.    

Starting in January the library will be closing its second floor, except for limited hours on Sunday through Thursday (1 to 5 PM). The second floor conference rooms will be permanently closed.  This adversely affects the general community but especially the neighborhood populations who use the computer lab and other resources on the second floor.  It also adversely affects the income that the Friends of Sherwood Library get from their ongoing book sale, the profits from which directly support the library.  

In addition, it  limits seniors from visiting the offices of Mt Vernon at Home, the increasingly important non-profit that provides ways and means to seniors to remain in their homes as they age.

Library management has framed this action as the result of a new security issue related to staffing cuts, but we are prepared to work with them to find ways to preserve access.

Furthermore, this proposed action has been initiated without the opportunity for public input.

We understand that there are resource limitations that the library must consider but believe there are ways and means to ensure that these critical services/functions are maintained for the community.

As you know, the library serves a diverse community including low income and minority customers, as well as numerous non profit groups, civic groups, churches, and educational institutions who regularly use the library conference rooms (all of which are on the second floor) for their meetings.  

These groups include among others,  MVAAC, local neighborhood associations, home school and preschool groups, athletic associations, study groups, ESL learning activities, and Girl and Boy Scout groups.

We would be glad to provide additional information but are bringing this to your attention now in hopes that you can help resolve this unfortunate situation before it becomes a reality.  Public input is vital. Please inform your community leaders and keep alert for similar unilateral actions at your libraries. 


Nora Gyuk
President of the Friends of Sherwood Library

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