Reston Spring

Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Monday, November 17, 2014

What do you mean the County can't find someplace to add parks in Reston's station areas?

Look at what's happening in New York City:
Media mogul Barry Diller and his wife, fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, have committed to funding a floating public park and performance space on a pier in the Hudson River.
Their pledge of over $113 million will be the single largest private donation to a public park in New York City history, according to Capital New York.
The new addition to the waterfront will be called Pier 55 and is expected to cost more than $130 million. The City of New York will provide $17 million to the project, while New York State will provide a separate $18 million for the construction of a public esplanade that will lead into the pier. 
Pier 55
The billionaire couple has partnered with the Hudson River Park Trust to build the 2.7-acre square-shaped pier and community art space to replace the deteriorating Pier 54.
The park will be built on top of a platform 186 feet off the Hudson River shoreline, which will be supported by 300 mushroom-shaped concrete columns, according to The New York Times. The new space will be built above the flood plain required post-Hurricane Sandy. 
Pier 55
Pier55, Inc./ Heatherwick Studio.It will sit atop 300 concrete columns.
The addition to New York's waterfront will also have lush gardens, wandering paths, and a 700-seat amphitheater that will host art events and performances.
And, here in Reston, the County's Master Plan for the Reston station areas does not add one single acre of park space anywhere, relying instead on parks around Reston.  The last we checked, those parks are already well used by Restonians and others.  

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