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Reston Spring
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

More on continuing Silver Line delays . . ., Fairfax Times, March 19, 2014

With patience wearing thin for many of the Silver Line’s backers, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority officials said Wednesday that they still cannot provide a date or a timeline for when the new rail line will be completed.
MWAA officials said they are working closely with contractor Dulles Transit Partners and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, which will ultimately own and operate the Silver Line, to have the project ready to turn over before April 9. If work continues beyond that date, Dulles Transit Partners could be subject to millions of dollars in penalties under the terms of the contract.
MWAA Board of Directors member Tom Davis, who is also a former congressman from Fairfax County, said he hopes the authority is prepared to pursue legal action against the contractor “to hold their feet to the fire.” . . .
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It is clear that MWAA CEO Jack Potter and other MWAA spokespersons are trying to smooth public concerns about the timely completion of Phase 1 of the Silver Line.  It is equally clear that, as MWAA Board member Tom Davis points out, this is now turning to a long, acrimonious legal fight, not a timely engineering and construction solution.

Don't expect to be riding the Silver Line soon, maybe not even this year as we said before.  And remember, time is money.

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