Reston Spring

Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Agenda: Reston Planning & Zoning Committee Meeting, June 18, 2012

                                    THE RESTON PLANNING AND ZONING COMMITTEE
                                                              MEETING AGENDA
                                                Monday, June 18, 2012 – 7:30 pm
                                                               Community Room
                                                North County Government Center
                                              12000 Bowman Towne Drive, Reston

1. Discussion with Hunter Mill District Supervisor Cathy Hudgins about the Metrorail project to Dulles Airport and beyond.

2. Reston Hospital Center – Temporary Helistop Special Exception.
To permit the installation and use of a temporary helistop facility. The helistop facility is intended to support the nearby Reston Hospital Center during temporary closure of its helistop. The proposed helistop facility will be used during flight operations only, with emergency vehicle transportation support. There are no parking or loading requirements. The helistop is to be constructed of a reinforced grass system so as not to increase stormwater runoff. The temporary helistop will not exceed 2,500 square feet of land disturbance.
3. Committee discussion of any other business, new or old, and approval of previous meeting minutes.

4. Approve next meeting date (July 16) and adjourn.

Agenda is subject to change without notice by order of the Chairman, David Vanell, (703) 904-0299, or Michael Romeo, Vice Chairman, (703) 579-7525.

June 7, 2012

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