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Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Monday, February 7, 2011

No Posted Public Notice of Tomorrow's Steering Committee Meeting

Update:  The time and place of the Steering Committee meeting is now posted on the County's public meetings webpage; it is not posted on its Reston Task Force webpage.  Neither the agenda nor any materials to be discussed or voted upon have been posted.  

Update #2:  The County has now posted the Steering Committee's agenda and "checklist" used to guide discussions and decisions on the Reston Master Plan website.  I have posted a copy of the checklist on the blog for your easier access.

As of noon today, no notice has been posted on the County's website for tomorrow night's meeting of the RTF Steering Committee.  At the risk of stating the obvious, neither has the agenda nor any of the draft TOD area "character statements" (formerly known as "vision statements") been posted on the County website.  And the Steering Committee intends to vote on these statements at the meeting without the public ever having a chance to see them, much less comment on them, according to the draft agenda we have obtained
and posted on this blog. 

This appears to violate the requirements of the Virginia Freedom of Information Act
which calls for three business days advance public notice and the sharing of the agenda information packets simultaneously with its sharing with the public body.  (We do not know if the information packet has been shared with the Steering Committee members.  If not, sharing it at the time of the meeting gives the committee members absolutely no time to review the materials to participate in informed discussion and decision making at the meeting.)

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