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Reston Spring
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year's Wishes for Reston, John Lovaas, Reston Patch, January 9, 2011

Here's what I hope for in 2011.
Happy New Year 2011, Reston!

This is a pretty special place we've got here, thanks to a marvelous founding vision by Mr. Robert E. Simon, and to the efforts of a lot of extraordinary and diverse people who have settled here since construction first began at Lake Anne.

This year will,  in some respects,  be a watershed year for Reston as we set a course for the arrival of rail right through our heart and a more urban future to follow.

Many uncertainties surround this planning for the future, a process that is likely to conclude in the new year.  This is an election year for Reston, and we will have to decide if long-time political incumbents can deliver new community needs (for example, essential major transportation improvements and the hundreds of millions of bucks to effect those improvements) and the leadership required for the future Reston.

Otherwise, 2011 will be a year like many others where a little luck is needed so we can get by and maybe do just a little better.

As I look to this particular New Year, here are a few wishes reflecting my hopes for a bright Reston future:

1.  That the mom and pop merchants of my beloved Lake Anne flourish anew in 2011, and that a caring developer come forth with plans to reinvigorate the neighborhood with additional, diverse small businesses and varied residential units consistent with the character of Reston's historic birthplace.

2.  That the Reston Master Plan Task Force Phase I (rail corridor only)  submit to the County, and the Supervisors approve, a new plan that   ref lects Reston character, excellence in design, adequate and creative  open space and, critically, transportation and civic infrastructure built  simultaneously with and sufficient to fully support the new growth.

3. That the new comprehensive plan for the corridor include the beautiful  park complete with Lake Robert E. Simon in north Town Center as proposed by Reston landscape architect Guy Rando.

4.  That the Reston Master Plan Task Force Phase 2 (village center areas)    submit and the county approve a new plan calling for village center renewal, i.e., higher density mixed-use building including more varied  community-serving retail and diverse residential offerings consistent with original village center concept, protecting all existing residential  neighborhoods and open space.   Infrastructure to come with buildings!

5. That 2011 will see the Reston 2020 citizens group experience even more robust citizen participation to assure wishes 2-4 are realized.

6. That all Reston residents, mostly progressives by nature, seriously assess candidates for election as State Senator, Delegate, and Supervisor in particular, and get out and vote for those who will provide the leadership new Reston needs, including delivering funds to adequately support the growth that is coming.

7. Last and least likely—but remember this is a wish list—that as Reston residents look to a more urban future they stop and consider that maybe, just maybe, it is time to take control of our destiny, time to be self-governing.  Time to return to Simon's original concept—The Town of Reston.
To provide your own wishes and other comments on Reston in 2011, click on Reston Patch.  

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